As Memorial Day week comes to an end we shouldn't forget about our veterans. Good news is according to a recent study in Maine we don't.

As Wallet Hub discuses retirement for military personnel can be very different than it will be for you and me. Because of this difference whether it is post traumatic stress syndrome, trying to reenter the work place and other adjustment issues not all vets retire successfully. Some even become homeless.  Now in Maine I’d like to think we have a more respectful attitude to our vets and I was pleased to see that we rate in the top 10 for the best states for a vet to retire in.  The study looked at everything from job assistance to health facilities. Here is the map of findings.

Source: WalletHub

In the list proper Maine comes in at number 7 . We are bested by Alaska, S. Carolina, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Montana and Florida came in at #1. The bottom 3 you ask? Surprisingly enough, our nations capitol Washington DC, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

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