Sometimes in life, you come across something awesome. Then, at some point, it seems everyone loves it, and it just ruins all the fun. What's that "something" in your life?

JStew: It's hard for me to pinpoint just one thing. But I often find myself in that situation with music. I'll find a band I think is really cool and unique, and then as soon as they start to get a little fame under their belts, their music dives into the toilet. Granted, I blame pressure from the industry itself, more than I blame the ones making the music. You have your whole life to write your first record, and very little time for your follow-up. But there's nothing worse than a little fame, that just ruins a good band.

Cori: I agree with JStew--it is hard to choose just one thing. I think one of the things that comes to mind, though, that kind of got ruined when everyone started to do them, is filming "surprise" engagements or gender reveal parties. The idea, at first, of that kind of once-in-a-lifetime surprise was neat and novel. To share in someone's special day that way. But now everyone does it. And it's become more about making sure everything looks good than keeping the importance of what's happening in the moment. It's kind of taken some of the special out of those important milestones, in my humble opinion.

Some of the answers were funny, others made us a little sad, hahaha. Let's check them out now....

Kari Jo Davis Picking fiddleheads

Kelly Anderson My ex-husband

Pam Page Ex husband

Scott Jackson Unemployment!

Richard Quinn Every fad that’s happened.

Chris Godsoe Living, lol

Kevin Parkhurst Breathing

Angela Faulkner Ebay

Jennifer DeGroff Getting quality affordable used cars. Now new are barely more than used, especially if financing.

Don Morgan Having a Facebook account.

Craig Florey Getting some awards.

Furrøw Wøød farting in public

Melissa Avery Burns Jewelry for craft shows (soooo. much. jewelry at these things.... When I go to a craft show I'm looking for something "different")

Phil Robertson Wearing a mask..... I don’t feel special when I rob a bank anymore!

Fred Ashmore Wearing pink...

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