Remember all the ticks this spring?

Seriously. A few short months ago, it seemed like all you read about on the news was ticks. And everywhere I went in the spring, through to the first part of the summer, was dominated by them. I'd commiserate with my friends about how many ticks I pulled off my dog that day.

Group of dogs playing in the park

And it was no small amount. There were days when I'd pull over a dozen off my dog whenever I took him out. It was also a good combo of ticks. It'd be a few deer ticks, a few dog ticks, and whatever else he dragged in the house with him. And not just on him, I pulled several a day off myself as well.

So where are they now?

Obviously, they're somewhere, waiting. I'm sure if you polled folks statewide, you would likely hear about someone seeing them. But I've seen no one complaining on Facebook. I've seen no recent news articles about them... Nothing. I'm not complaining, but it just seems like someone hit a switch on ticks.

A warning sign "Ticks" in the woods undergrowth

If you Google the idea of a lack of ticks right now, no one is talking about it. Shouldn't we all be dancing in the streets or something?! It's all we talked about during the spring, and now nothing. But it's real. I've been walking my dog everywhere, in all sorts of grass, leaves, and brush, and haven't found one in a few weeks.

Will cooler temps bring them back?

I have read before that the drier weather we've finally been having could be a big reason we haven't been seeing them. And possibly as more rain comes (of course), and temps fall a bit, they may come roaring back. But it still begs the current question... Where are all the ticks at? Wherever they are, I hope they stay there.

Back in the spring, we couldn't say enough bad things about them...

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