From the news outlet that made "Bat Boy" famous.... it appears Maine has sunk into the ocean, or aliens have abducted it, or it just flat out never existed to begin with. Hard to tell, really. Mostly because, as we all know, the Weekly World News is proving to be about as reliable as any other news source out there.

When I was in high school, you could still buy the Weekly World News in print. It always had cover stories like the devil coming out of an oil rig, or that aliens are our super-secret overlords. Or that Elvis owns a Cinnabon in Plaistow, New Hampshire. Although, every once in a while on the inside, they'd actually have an occasional true story.

But I always enjoyed it. My grandfather would even pick it up for me when he went to the store to get his paper. He and I would get a chuckle out of whatever outrageous headline was on the cover that week. It always seemed like every other issue had Bat Boy doing something nutty.

So as an adult, I follow the WWN Facebook and Instagram page. Last week, I noticed that Maine had become their most recent victim. They claimed that Maine disappeared and it took the government three days to notice it was gone. That's the only true part of the idea, if it ever actually happened. Most people think Maine is just a county in Massachusetts anyway.

I love all this kind of stuff, to be honest with you. I love The Onion. I love Hard Times News. All of it. Who doesn't need a good laugh? And the more often they come around, the better. So while I know we're not in any immediate danger of actually being lost, I'm glad that the Weekly World News is reporting that we are. It just makes sense.

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