Here we are National Blueberry Pie Day.  I am not sure exactly why since it isn't blueberry season but heck who ever turns down a good reason to eat blueberry pie?

Blueberry pie according to the National Blueberry Pies site (yes there is one) says the delectable desert is Maine's official state dessert. The BBP was first documented  in printed recipe form in 1872. They also say blueberries are good for everything from your brain to your blood pressure. So if you are ready for a slice where is the closest and best place to grab it up?

These are the best places found locally in no particular order.

  • Dysart's Restaurant has long been know for their blueberry pie . One Yelp reviewer said: “The blueberry pie was packed with blueberries, not skimping on filling, crust was delicious, tasted homemade.
  • Frank's Bakery is also very well known for their blueberry pies. They even sell them uncooked and frozen so you can cook them at home.  That way you get the taste and the smell and your family thinks you made it. I won't tell if you don't
  • Helen's Restaurant in Ellsworth and Machias if you listen to DJ Fred though is the quintessential blueberry pie maker. He adds to that the rebuilt restaurant in Machias is simply beautiful with a beautiful view and charming area to add to your pie.

Did I miss any? Leave a comment on our Facebook page and I'll add them right in.

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