Let me say right off the bat, I have no kids. But family has always been important to me. As adults, kids or no kids, we should lead by example. Especially at times like this. And one very awesome thing I've been seeing online recently, is how families are bonding together more than ever.

But what's even cooler, is that a lot of families seem to be taking this time to get back to the way things were a generation ago. I'm seeing families making meals together. Kids doing dishes and other chores. I see parents taking time to teach some of the basic necessities of adulthood, like changing tires, and balancing check books.

These are all things that six months ago, most adults wouldn't have had time for. Parents, aunts, uncles.... have time to slow things down for just a minute. Sure, we're all going to spend plenty of time on the internet and Netflix, but with no school or work for a lot of folks, that makes some extra family time that some families may have never had.

To me, this is one of the rare silver-linings in the cloud of COVID-19. Families are getting back to what's real. Who knows, maybe a treasure trove of kids that are amply prepared to deal with whatever life hands them after this are being groomed right now? Now that would be awesome.

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