House cleaners are on my bucket list... if I were rich

My wife and I have often talked about the fact that if we were rich, probably the first thing on our bucket list of rich people stuff, would be to hire someone to clean our house. We're not messy people, but who would keep doing that if you could afford to pay someone else to do it. Dishes, dusting, laundry... Yes, please!

It'd be like having Alice from the Brady Bunch move in, or getting your very own Mr. Belvedere. It would literally be the pinnacle of decadence for us. You can keep your solid gold houses and your rocket cars. I just want someone who will pick my dirty socks up off the floor, instead of yelling at me about it like my wife does.

But this sure ain't Alice we're talking about here...

Recently, Edmund King, 83, who lives in Florida and typically rents the house out most of the time, hired a woman on Craigslist to clean his home in Belgrade. But soon after, neighbors let him know that she was seen frequently coming and going from his garage, and looked like she was pretty much staying there.

He suspected that she'd stolen from his home several items such as an antique pistol, leaf blower, and two chainsaws, according to the Morning Sentinel. Sadly, since King didn't have serial numbers for all those things, the police couldn't charge the woman with any crime, especially since he'd been renting the house out to other people.

Of course, the woman claims she was told she could stay there for a few days while she completed her task. Unfortunately, it all seems to be his word against hers. And likely, King will not get these items back. The lesson seems that maybe Craigslist isn't the best spot for finding reliable folks you can always trust.

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