Man, that is one big ass lobster roll!

It took 200-pounds of lobster to make this monstrosity, and it's probably still not big enough for certain members of the family!

This past Sunday the road was closed out in front of the British Beer Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for an event that would break a Guinness world record.  Workers there assembled a 159 foot six inch lobster roll!

According to an article in the Boston Globe over 5000 people attended the event to salivate over the extended breaded crustacean.  When all was said and done, the roll cut and sold with proceeds to benefit a local veterans' charity.

Last year a fisherman's association on Prince Edward Island constructed a 120-foot long lobster roll that had previously held the record.  That paltry roll only took 120 lbs. of lobster to produce.

Way to bring the trophy home to America!



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