Galaxy is hoping you will.  Check out the Galaxy Fold.

Earlier this year we posted the reviews and a poll about this new Galaxy phone that opens into a tablet. 77% of responders said they wouldn't pony up that kind of dough for a phone. Still 11% said heck yeah and to those folks we say your day has come.

Tomorrow Friday September 27th Samsung is launching the Galaxy Fold, available on Friday at AT&T, Best Buy, and Samsung Experience stores. Two things to consider before you go for the latest and greatest. 1) the Fold still boast a price of $2,000. 2) If you go for it, pay attention to the delicate screen. Apparently it’s easy to scratch and break. Once the screen is destroyed, you’ll have to replace it, and it will cost you $149.

That’s for the first time it breaks. If you break it again, you’ll have to shell out $599 for each successive display replacement.

[Original reviews story] This phone is getting very mixed reviews.  Seems really cool and definitely something we've never seen before.  Samsung has this new OLED tech that allows the thing to fold up and look just like any other phone but then open up and expand for view immediately as shown in the video. It also has 3 app capability, see below for that explanation. It also has 6 built in cameras and a biometeric lock, plus, plus. This thing is crazy.

So here is the question.

See more.This thing looks pretty amazing.

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