In case you missed it, a rogue fan wearing an outfit only Borat would appreciate rushed the field during the 2021 Super Bowl.

On Sunday (February 7), a fan ran across the field at Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium during the fourth quarter of the football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was quickly tackled to the ground by law enforcement and security personnel.

In videos and photos captured by attendees, the unidentified man began stripping off his clothes to reveal a bright pink leotard with a thong. "Vitaly uncensored," the leotard appeared to read.

Hilariously, some Twitter users quickly used a GIF of The Weeknd, who performed during the Halftime Show, looking lost in a light maze during a moment of his performance, to represent the rogue bum-rusher.

The unidentified man was wearing a blue face mask as he entered the field area, though he pulled it off along with his black shorts and shirt. He ended up getting fairly close to players before he was handcuffed and taken away by the authorities.

Watch videos of the incident, below.

See photos of the streaker, below.

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