I saw a story on Facebook the other day about spinning your tires and burning rubber  being protected by the freedom of speech law and I thought…Yeah Right.  Well apparently a truck owner in Oakland, Maine saw the same story on the internet but his reaction was Yippee Ki Yay! That is when he learned the hard way not to believe everything you reads, especially on the internet and most especially on the "New Maine News". This “News” outlet writes satirical stories much like “The Onion” The tale told was that a new law was passed protecting his right to spin out his tire and burn rubber as freedom of speech. That seemed right to him and he decided to give it a whirl, literally, in front of the Oakland police. He wasn't even daunted when the officer asked if he'd "lost his mind"

This was their Facebook post about the incident.

Just one more time we fall back on "Well at least he isn't eating Tidepods"

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