Gun control talks have of course caused worry for gun owners but what's also contributing? ZOMBIES!

Fear for the real walking dead has been identified as a factor in the rise in gun sales. According to the FBI, background checks for guns rose 20% on Black Friday from last year. The Walking Dead and other zombie related programs and movies have sparked a new generation of gun owners. Gun rights advocates are loving it!

The zombie craze has been a way to introduce a new crowd into the world of firearms. This is giving more and more people exposure to guns, which is also teaching gun safety to more people.

Ammunition company's have played along with the zombie craze. They have introduced 'Zombie Rounds.' They're shotgun and rifle shells that come in a colorful ammo box that has zombies printed on it. Zombie targets are also flying off the shelves.

Although the chances of a zombie outbreak is unlikely, it can't hurt being prepared! Becoming a human Man-which doesn't sound to fun to me!