There will be no trial, no more lurid video evidence displayed to a captive audience, just a sentencing date, as Alexis Wright pleaded guilty today.

The zumba queen who faced 106 charges in the Kennebunk prostitution scandal, admitted guilt Friday to 20 misdemeanor counts, including the three felonies for tax evasion, which alone could have locked her away for 10 years.

Now her day of judgement will be May 31st, when her sentencing hearing will take place. She now faces up to 10 months in jail.

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Video evidence shown during Mark Strong Sr.'s trial of Wright having sex and then accepting cash did her in.  Was there really any need to go any further?  Apparently not.

Mark Strong Sr., Wright's former business partner was recently sentenced to 20 days in jail and a fine of $3000.

Wright's trial which was scheduled to begin in May, will not happen now.  Another chapter has closed in this sensationalized sexcapade..