It may have happened when you were young and fearless.  It may have happened one day or night when you were trying to "spice things" up. It may have happened after a few too many drinks and when the following morning came around you just couldn't believe that it did.

Did you get away with it without being seen?

We're asking our I-95 listeners "where in Maine was the most creative or oddest place that you ended up "doing it"?

Was it in a hotel hallway?  In the woods at a state or national park?  In a boat in the middle of a lake?  These are things that inquiring minds want to know!

When we asked the question on Facebook we quickly found out that our listeners like to do it in parking lots.   Hey, I had a van, I can relate.  We heard that the old Burger King parking lot on Main Street in Bangor was once a good place, the old Zayre's parking lot on Broadway in Bangor was also mentioned.  We hear that the beach at Pushaw Lake is a popular spot too.

Probably the most creative response that we've received so far was from a former employee of a doctor's office, who "did it In the doctor's office that I worked at.....on the exam table.....with the stirrups..... LOL"!!!

Then there was one post on our Facebook page that just said "Lincoln".  Could Lincoln be the sensual capital of our state?

C'mon now, fess up, let us know where the most creative or oddest place is within our state that you've "done it".  Let us know either here in the COMMENTS section below or on Facebook.

If you're wondering about the author of this post, well the clues are hidden within. Try to live up.