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Time for another round of "Foxy Friday Face-off"!  It makes Friday double fun!

Last week actress Megan Fox out dueled singer Shakira, so the Foxy Fox moves along to the next round!  Make sure you check our fancy bracket to see where we're at!

Once again our two Foxy Friday Face-off contestants ask for your support by casting your vote!  This week is our Sports Edition!  Why a sports edition?  'Cause we like workin' up a sweat!

Here they are:

Lindsey Vonn, 29, is an American World Cup alpine ski racer and has competed with our American Ski Team in the Olympics.  Last year, Lindsey had a terrible wipe out during competition, and it was a long road to recovery, but she's now back on the slopes and we wish her all the best!!  Lindsey grew up in Minnesota, where I imagine they do a lot of skiing, and there are a lot of people with blonde hair, it's kinda like Switzerland.  Anyway, she's now golfer Tiger Woods main squeeze, and she's hoping that you can squeeze out a vote or two for her!

Our second Foxy Friday Face-off sports contestant is 32 year old Anna Kournikova! Our favorite Russian turned American tennis player! Anna was never really a big time successful tennis player, although she did play the pro circuit and did win a few doubles championships. Anna filled in for Jillian Michaels place during one season of "The Biggest Loser", although she's a big time winner in our book, and of course our book has a lot of pictures in it!  Anna is currently holed up with singer Enrique Inglesias on an island off the coast of Florida. That smooth talkin' Enrique, he's one lucky guy!  Anna hopes that you'll serve up a vote or two for her!