A great band called, "Get The Led Out" are on their way to Orono, and if you're a fan of Led Zeppelin's music, you'll want to be there!  This Friday night, November 15th.

Get The Led Out is a Philadelphia based six member band that re-creates the mythical hard rocking music of Led Zeppelin.  They call themselves "The American Led Zeppelin"!

They are not an impersonator act or a cover band.  There will not be anyone dressed up as Robert Plant or Jimmy Page.  As a matter of fact, you may even think that they sound better than Zep did in concert.

The band has come serious music credentials.  Bassist Billy Childs and drummer Adam Ferraioli both played with the 80s glam band Britny Fox.  Paul Hammond  is a voting member of the National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences.  Jimmy Marchiano played with "Black Eyed Susan", which was managed by Gene Simmons.  Paul Sinclair is a BMI songwriter and owns Fat City Studios in Philadelphia, where he and Paul Hammond have produced many national releases.

LISTEN TO MY INTERVIEW WITH BILLY CHILDS!  We talk about what a real rock band is and how you can see one in concert Friday night the 15th.  We also talk a little bit about today's music too.   CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN!

The group has been together since the fall of 2003, so they have this act down!  To hear this great music performed live in such an acoustically beautiful venue like the Collins Center For The Arts on the University of Maine campus is a terrific opportunity!