Have you made out your Holiday cards yet?  Mailed those pesky packages to out of state family or friends a broad? Remember, due to a late Thanksgiving the season is short this year so you may want to get crackin'.

According to the United States Post Office the deadlines for the US stuff goes like this:

    • First-Class Mail® Service by Dec 20
    • Priority Mail® Service by Dec 21
    • Priority Mail Express™ Service by Dec 23
    • Standard Post™ Service by Dec 14
    • Packages by Dec 19

They also have dates for foreign packages and things going to those in the military

Of course once you've gone to the trouble and then stood in line it's nice for things to go smoothly at the desk so if odds are you’ll be doing some shipping this holiday season. Here are a few handy tips to avoid shipping glitches:

-Never guess a ZIP code: Just type the address into any search engine and find out what it really is.

-Make sure addresses are printed clearly and include all the right information.

-No one wants an unexplained noise/drained toy so wrap batteries separate from toys instead of leaving them in, if they’re included.

-Be up front: On that note, make sure both the “to” and “from” information is on the front of the package only.

-We know, the environment loves recyclers. But the Postal Service says by reusing mailing boxes you’ve shipped things in in the past, your package could be in danger

Now let's get out there and spread that Holiday cheer!