Training a puppy and training a kid are apparently made up of the same necessity...repetition, repetition, repetition. So here we go again.  According to a recent survey, drivers between the ages of 18 to 24 reported having engaged most often in distracting activity while driving. Here’s what they’ve been up to while driving:__________________________________________________________________________

  • 71% cell phone calls
  • 24% sending text messages
  • 8% applying makeup
  • 7% changing clothes
  • In a report last year from Maine station WMTW, stated that 11 percent of the driving population are teens, however 30 percent of all traffic deaths involve teen drivers. Maine officials believe with support from parents, that the statistics can be lowered if changes are made to Maine’s teen driving laws and driver’s education requirements.

    In April of last year  the Maine Legislature has approved a bill aimed at creating stronger deterrents for teenage drivers who break the law, despite concerns from lawmakers that the measure was rushed and that it creates penalties that are too strict.

    In the following video, Fire Chief Norman Clarke shares his views on whether teen driving laws need updating, based on his experience as a first responder to accidents, where young drivers have been involved.

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