CBS TV has just cancelled two of their newer shows, "Friends With Better Lives" and "Bad Teacher".  I kind of like these shows, but what do I know?

Distribution of television is changing, with Comcast purchasing Time Warner Cable, AT&T purchasing DirecTV, and  with Warren Buffet purchasing major shares in Verizon, who knows where that is going.

As you're well aware, there's a lot of "junk channels" included in your current cable or satellite channel lineup, channels that you would never dream of watching, but you pay for them. When was the last time that you watched "ShopHQ" or the Pentagon channel?

All this makes me think, if I could choose just a  few channels to purchase, what would they be?

I'd want the local CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC channels to watch some of the current shows, big sporting events, the local news, and my wife has to watch "Modern Family" and "Survivor!" I'd also need an avenue to the NFL games, especially the New England Patriots!

Speaking of sports, I'd need NESN and ESPN, can't miss the Red Sox!!

And when it came right down to it, I'd give half my life's savings and maybe my first born for both AMC and FX!  Why?  Because I think that "The Walking Dead" and "Sons Of Anarchy" are currently the best shows on TV!

If you had to choose "just a few" channels that you absolutely, positively, could not live without, WHAT WOULD THEY BE?

Let me know either in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW or on the I-95 FACEBOOK PAGE!  Should be interesting.