First, let's start by saying that we love all of these beautiful ladies!

Now, let us say something else. It seems we offended a few of you out there with our use of the word "Hottest" to describe these lovely and talented journalists. It was not our intent to offend, so we've changed it to "Favorite."

Sorry about that.

Anyways, we've had more than 6,500 votes roll in from 45 states and 14 countries, and we finally have a winner!

So, without further ado, after countless hours of watching all of Bangor's fine TV news teams, our esteemed judges have announced the following nominees* (in alphabetical order):

*Note: The poll was created with publicly available (and/or submitted) images of the news personalities. Their inclusion in the poll does not necessarily mean personalities themselves or their news stations condoned the poll. 

Another note: A bunch of you have asked that we do a Hottest TV Newsman poll. Sure thing! Although we'll probably call it "Favorite TV Newsman" if that's alright with you! 

  • Carolyn Callahan


    Carolyn Callahan started out on another Bangor TV station before crossing the street to the WABI TV 5 studios.  She now anchors the noontime and 5 p.m. newscasts. Carolyn's from Massachusetts and went on to graduate from the University of South Carolina.  According to her bio, she regularly cheers for the Carolina Gamecocks.  Hey, who wouldn't?

  • Angela Christoforos


    Another of our top write-in contestants, Angela reports for WAGM in Presque Isle. Sorry we missed you. I guess we didn't look as far north as we should have. Our bad!


  • Jackie De Tore


    Jackie is from New York and is a graduate of Hofstra University.  As many others have, Jackie followed the well worn trail to Bangor to begin her news career, and we're glad she did!

    Once, at the end of a newscast, we saw Jackie wearing a sombrero, she was laughing and giggling.  It was Cinco de Mayo, and she was laughing.....and giggling. The news was happy that day.

    YouTube/Melanie Rubin
  • Adrienne Di Piazza


    We met Adrienne the other day filming a story in Brewer. We thought we had the field set before we met this newcomer to WABI, but after one look there was no doubt she belonged among the contestents. We think you can see why. Welcome to Bangor!

  • Nicole Gerber


    Nicole Gerber is a confessed Trekkie, choco-holic, Red Sox fanatic and a bit of a night owl, which of course is why she's up before the sun pulling off the morning newscast on ABC7!   We like a girl who carries Visine!

  • Melissa Kim


    Melissa's a southern California girl who's already done work in Baltimore, New York and even covered the 2008 Beijing Olympics for NBC Sports. WLBZ's Sports Chick Extrodinaire (We agree!) is also fluent in four languages! That's pretty cool because sometimes when we see Melissa in person we're so awestruck that we can't form a word in any language.

  • Lindsey Mills


    Lindsey Mills has been on ABC 7 and FOX Bangor since January 2012.  This Massachusetts woman can kick some serious butt on and off the TV, as she helps out with Brewer’s Youth Hockey Learn to Skate & Learn to Play program and plays on a men’s league team.  Hip check anyone?

  • Sharon Rose


    By popular demand, you've asked us to add NewsCenter's Sharon Rose to the mix. Can't believe we didn't think of it first! She's one of our top write-in vote getters so far. Sorry local NBC affiliates, we know you don't condone the poll, but we have to give the people what they want!

  • Jackie Ward


    Jackie Ward wakes us up on Channel 2 weekday mornings. The best part of waking up is Jackie on your TV! Sometimes we're fortunate enough to see her on the weekends, too! Jackie's a Boston University graduate who once interned with both the Patriots and Red Sox!  So, she's used to big burly athletic guys. Unfortunately, that's not us.