For many years now I have considered myself so lucky to have a job I love. I think in part because I know this is not the norm. Talking to people on the phone many times during the day I hear the frustration coming through. So if that sounds a little too familiar to you might want to peruse below what Forbes says are 14 things that show it may be time to consider a career change.

  1. You no longer feel passion for what you do
  2. You're miserable at the thought of going in to work
  3. Your company struggling
  4. You work with or for  jerks
  5. You feel stressed or unhappy when you are there
  6. Stress from work is making you feel ill
  7. You have lost confidence in your company
  8. You aren’t performing well at work
  9. You no longer have a good work/life balance
  10. You feel your skill are being wasted
  11. You are doing more than ever before but your pay hasn’t increased
  12. Your ideas are ignored
  13. You feel bored
  14. You have to put up with some kind of abuse.

According to Forbes if you feel too many of these refer to you it is time to refresh your resume and start looking for somewhere you fit in and feel happy. I would encourage you as well because we have spend too much time at work in our lives to be miserable. That said, I also feel it is wise to look while you are working and then give proper notice and have integrity in your decision.

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