To some, a job is just a job. They punch a clock and perform the tasks, and then they go home at the end of the day leaving everything job-related behind them.

To others, their job is more like a calling. Those are the folks who cannot leave the job at the door, but care so much about what they're doing and who they are doing it for, that they go the extra mile, often without even thinking about it.

Clinton Police Chief Stanley "Rusty" Bell has been at the helm of Clinton's Police Department since 2016.

Chief Stanley "Rusty" Bell, Clinton Police Department
Chief Stanley "Rusty" Bell, Clinton Police Department

Rusty, as he's better known in town, can often be seen, even when he's out of uniform, lending a hand whenever and wherever he can.

He is one of those people who treats his position as a calling more than a punch card.

Recently, two residents of Clinton, both young men, took their own lives.

Along with the families of these individuals and other members of the community, Rusty, who is a husband and father himself, felt that impact deeply.

He was so affected by the loss of these two men, that he felt compelled to reach out to those who were mourning, and to anyone else who might be struggling, and offer support.

He wrote a note and put it out on social media, posting it to the Clinton Maine Police Department's Facebook Page.

"We need to talk... in the last 2 months, we have lost 2 young men both the same age. Both of them smart, hardworking, and devoted to their families..."

He went on to comfort the families and loved ones and encouraged people to reach out when they first start to feel overwhelmed rather than bottle it up inside and remain overwhelmed.

"If you are struggling with things in your life talk to someone, talking is not a weakness. Everyone struggles with things everyone is dealing with something."

Rusty then took his offer to be there and to help one step further; In addition to listing the information for the Maine helpline, Bell gave his very own personal cell phone number and asked that anyone who was struggling reach out to speak with him rather than give up.

Cruiser, Clinton Police Department
Cruiser, Clinton Police Department

"You have friends, if you don’t feel comfortable talking with family or you think they won’t understand call me at 207-314-7461 I promise you that I understand. You don’t have to go to the hospital no one will ever know that you called except us."

In closing, Chief Rusty made one last simple, humble, and hopeful plea for people to reach out...

"Please we want to help you!"
This world can feel awfully lonely and overwhelming at times. But as hopeless as any situation may seem, sometimes just talking it out with someone who cares, can add a little light and hope to life.
There are people out there who care. Rusty cares. And he wants to help.
The number to the Maine Crisis Line is 1-888-568-1112 or you can click here.
You can also reach out to the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by texting 988 or clicking this link. 
Thank you, Chief Bell, for going above and beyond for those around you. Your community is lucky to have you. I hope they take you up on that offer.

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