I am always encouraged by those who won't back down on a dream.  Let's start here, my friend who like me is a history buff and airplane enthusiat was telling me about this english farmer who had been tipped off to a group of Spitfire planes that had been burried in Burma during WWII.

There are thought to be fewer than 50 airworthy Spitfires left in the world and if he could find them he could potentially double their number if they remain in pristine condition. Now this was probably 6 months ago or so my friend had mentioned that this fella had some good leads where they were but had been running into alot of government red tape.  So imagine how pleased I was to read that they had worked things out and the dig was ready to begin.

David Cundall

The Bangkok Post interviewed our farmer back in May and wrote:"It's similar to the Tutankhamun find in Egypt many years ago and Lord Carnarvon said to Howard Carter when he was looking through the hole 'can you see anything?' , and he said, 'yes, wonderful things', and I'm going to say the same thing," he said.Cundall, a farmer and aircraft enthusiast, has been on a long chase for the rumoured lost Spitfires."We've interviewed eight eyewitnesses pointing to the exact spot," he said.

"Some have told us in great detail how they were buried, the depth and the configuration all fits correctly the location.

"After 17 years you do get a little bit weary but there's now enough energy left in me to finish the project, and I'd like to do it as soon as possible: get the airplanes back to the UK, have them restored and see them flying at airshows."

Too cool, I can't wait!