I have heard it said that 20 /20 hind sight is absolute. I think in my own life I can say that if I could have known then what I know now I may have made a different choice. Probably the most noted sufferer of 20 / 20 hind sight was Alfred Nobel from Sweden who turned his business from iron and steel to his latest invention dynamite.  He felt so bad about the uses of his baby he created the Nobel Peace Prize.

Well, thankfully our latest guy to ad his name to the “What was I thinking list” isn’t deadly but more on the annoying roster. His name is Ethan Zuckerman, and he has officially apologized for inventing ‘pop-up ads’ for the internet admitting they are one of the most hated tools in the world.

He explains that, in the beginning, a large car company loved the idea of pop-up advertising and he then found himself coding an advertising window that popped up land the rest annoying is history. Who knows maybe he'll create a world prize for the best cat video.


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