It's widely known that Maine has horrible average internet speed. Even though companies like RedZone Wireless have been in the news lately trying to expand access to rural communities in Maine, our average speeds are still pretty slow.

Last year, Maine was ranked 47th out of the 50 US states in broadband speed.

In 2015, the nationwide average download speed was 35.24 megabytes per second, and the average upload speed was 11.16 megabytes per second. All things considered, that’s pretty good. At those speeds, you can stream Netflix, upload your latest selfies to Instagram, and snapchat all your friends – all at once – and you probably wouldn’t even notice a hiccup.

But Maine's speeds aren't even half that on average. How fast is your connection? Try using the link below to see.


When I just tested my speed on my home internet connection (Spectrum in South Portland), these were my results:

Ookla Speed Test
Ookla Speed Test

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