Sometimes I feel in the minority to still be married.

My wife of nearly 20 years is the most amazing woman I know. If for no other reason than she somehow has put up with my crap for the last 20+ years together, including pre-marriage. Not only that, I think we actually still like each other. But anyone who's been married, even successfully, will tell it's a lot of hard work.

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No one is at their best all the time. And learning to accept what you don't always like about someone is key. But... I have a ton of friends who are divorced. My parents have been divorced my whole life. So it's something that's become more common in recent decades. Of course the idea of staying with someone you can't stand because you feel like you have to, isn't any better.

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Maine is now sadly in first place for divorce rates across the US.

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Recently, a survey was done by, and it revealed that in all 50 states, Maine now has the highest divorce rate, which is 11.84%, per 1000 people who live here. That's kind of nuts. The main reasons for splits these days remains consistent with what you'd expect.

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The main motivator seems to be money. If couples have a hard time with finances, they're twice as likely to get divorced as a couple who's got them under control. Unhappiness is the next highest, which seems sadly logical. No one wants to stay someplace that makes them constantly unhappy.

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Again, marriage is hard work.

Some people try to claim that a "perfect" marriage shouldn't be hard work at all. But that's just not true. Or if you let superficial things interfere, you're doomed. If you can' stand the sight of your spouse clipping their toenails, or farting in front of you, you're doomed. Not to mention, these things all add up to the good things, so to speak.

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Life is about appreciating each other's awesomeness, as well as your awkwardness. Embracing the weird is a recipe for success, in my opinion. Enjoy all the new things you'll learn about this person, even years and years in. The work can certainly be hard sometimes, but the rewards are absolutely over-the-top.

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