The long-standing Almanac even red-flags March 20 through 23 for a "potent East Coast storm."

Well this is not inspiring; they're using words like "teeth-chattering” “biting,” and “stinging” to describe the upcoming winter here in the Northeast, but what would one expect living here in Maine?

The 2019 Farmers' Almanac hits the store shelves today, August 27, with digital editions available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and  iTunes. According to a press release received today, here's what it predicts for our neck of the woods:

  • The coldest weather of this winter season to pour south from Canada and blow into the Northeast, New England, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Southeast during mid-February. The outlook for this time period includes “arctic air, blustery, bitter winds, sharp drops in temperatures, and widespread snow showers and squalls,” (AKA teeth-chattering cold).
  • Snow should arrive in December. Above-normal snowfall is predicted for the Great Lakes states, Midwest, and central and northern New England. 
  • Farmers’ Almanac is “red-flagging” March 20-23 for a potent East Coast storm that could deliver “a wide variety of wintry precipitation just as we are making the transition into spring.”

On a different note, the Almanac is predicting "near-normal" temperatures for the summer of 2019 here in Maine, with "a wet and stormy summer predicted for many areas east of the Mississippi River."

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