So, the time has come to hang up the headphones for the very last time, as today was my last on WWMJ. 

It’s been a long run. Just about 38 full years on one radio station. Most of my radio friends are quite amazed at that, as people in this business come and go - moving all over the country many times in search of money and fame. 

Not me. I wanted to live in Maine. I wanted to live near those that love me and within this beautiful area that we call home. 

Most of the time, it’s been a pleasure going to work every day and talking to the people of eastern Maine on the radio while playing the hits that I know will continue long after I’m gone. I’ve enjoyed the remote broadcasts that have taken place from one end of the area to the other and meeting those that have listened to the station. I’ve taken pleasure in helping those less fortunate or who have experienced a bad circumstance in life with food drives and radio-a-thons.

I’ve met rockstars, actors, comedians, politicians, playmates, and those whose only light in life is picking up the phone and asking me to play that song for them, once again. I’ll remember them all, quite fondly. 

Some of the bigger highlights have been introducing the former Mayor of Bangor to radio legend Don Imus back in the '90s when he appeared at the old Bangor Civic Center the first time. We never did get that Imus t-shirt on the Paul Bunyan statue, but they both welcomed each other warmly. The New Year’s Eve dance parties at both the Bangor Civic Center and the old Holiday Inn in Ellsworth were extra special, as anyone who has ever stood on stage and played "Shout" by the Isley Brothers while watching over a crowd will tell you.

There have been many over the years. Some have brought me to tears, but they've all been worthwhile. 

Speaking of tears, I will hold both J.J. West and Chuck Foster in my heart. My late brothers in arms. My friends. 

To thank all of those that I have worked with would fill up this page but I have to mention a few that have either given me chance, that have inspired me, or who have helped me along the way.  People like the late Helen and Richard Dudman, their daughter Martha, Ben Haskell, Donna Halper, Dick Hyatt, Andy Soule, Don Imus, Tom Preble, Chris Popper, and yes as much as it pains me, Mighty John Marshall. 

Of course, thank you to my beautiful wife Lisa, who has been with me all along the way and before I ever even turned a microphone on. Here's to the future, dear.

Would I do it all over again? Why not? How many others are paid to play Aerosmith records for a living? 

Stay well, and until next time. 

DJ Fred 

P.S. - Click the video below for a special goodbye!

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