Sometimes you see things on Facebook or Pintrest or whatever, and you have to wonder if they really work. A couple years back, I tried to make a Jun Bug trap like I saw in a bunch of YouTube videos, and it didn't work for squat. Lately, it seems to be all about driving hornets and wasps away from the house.

That one caught my attention right out of the gate because I just spent a small fortune on bug bombs for out to camp. I went out last week to start the opening process, and discovered that the upstairs had pretty much been taken over. My little fly swatter wasn't going to cut it. In fact, it likely would've made them madder, and been a disaster.

But at the same time, I hate pumping tons of chemicals into the air, and all the cleanup that comes afterward. Not just dead bugs, but having to wipe down all the countertops, etc. So online, I keep reading about fake wasp nests. Apparently, wasps and hornets are super territorial, and if they spot another nest, they move.

The instructions are really simple. You take an ordinary paper grocery bag, and fill it with old plastic bags or something. Mold into the basic shape of a wasp nest, and then hang it out in the open in areas that wasps would be likely to build a nest. You might even make a couple of them in different spots. Can't hurt, right?

You can also make them out of newspaper. And just follow the same basic steps. you just have to form it into the same basic size and shape of a wasp nest, and hang it out where it'll be seen by the nasty little stingers. Here's a video off of YouTube that'll show you how to make them.


Will they really work? I'm certainly not 100% sure. But I think I'm going to give it a shot. I checked out a bunch of the videos, and it literally seemed like a 50/50 split. And I imagine the more effort you put into making it look real makes a difference. But rather than spend real money on fake nests, at least these are just made from garbage.

Every little bit helps. I'm gonna make a couple for out to camp, and I'll let you know if it makes any kind of impact at all. If it does, winning! If not, i'll just blame the internet.

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