Hey, watch where you throw that snow!

The Bangor City Council decided Monday night to increase the fine from $20 to $100 for any resident, tenant or business owner that pushes and then piles snow into a public walkway, sidewalk or street.

Business and property owners in the downtown Bangor area must clear the snow from the front of their properties within six hours of the precipitation ending, unless they too would like to pay a fine of $100.

Whoa, who has the stopwatch?

As part of last night's decisions, the City now has the right to remove the snow that has been pushed and piled onto a public sidewalk or street and then bill the property owner.

The goal of the City according to one councilor is to get the sidewalks and streets cleared as quickly as they can following a winter storm.

With the Farmer's Almanac predicting "Above-normal snowfall for the Great Lakes states, Midwest, and central and northern New England", it sounds like the new ordinances will be put to the test.


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