What? You’ve never seen a Mickey D’s that looks like a house before?

A TikTok user visiting Maine, named evil easter bunny didn't quite know what to make of the infamous "McDonald's House" located in Freeport.

Freeport, Maine, has some pretty strict zoning laws, so in 1984, McDonald's got around this by setting up shop in a 19th-century home. Rest assured, the inside looks like a regular restaurant

Those bright, golden yellow arches would never have passed the towns goal of keeping that vintage 1800's New England look, so a compromise was born. And as you may know, the same goes for the Starbucks in Freeport as well.

The comment section of the evil easter bunny video has some interesting thoughts on this unusual sight.

i gotta see the inside

Jeffrey Darling
Lol it looks like a regular McDonald’s inside, your not missing much. When I was a kid they couldn’t even have the order speakers.

Looks better than the new McDonald’s

It looks nice! It must of cost a pretty penny!

Lord Emmanuel
does the ice cream machine work

I had to Google what the inside looks like and it looks do comfy

I was just about to comment “hey Freeport!”

You misspoke. They have an ordinance that makes sure the historic architecture is preserved. They allow the big chain businesses

BRB moving to Freeport Maine.

Holly Fraser
I mean, I would prefer this over the actual normal McD buildings.

Imagine Walmart

Netsirk Nosreme
Thank goodness for code ordinances

I pasted by this once even my mom was shocked

Beth Rowles
There’s one like this in Hudson, Ohio too!

I wish more towns would not allow chains in general.

Alex Cicchetto890
But a quarter mile to the left is LL.bean, North face, and plenty of other big box stores

Ashlee Blair Cote
I love this McDonald's so much favorite one to visit in Maine used to go school shopping up the whole street

I hear a road trip!!!!

Merranda Lee
I’ve been here so many times I forget it’s an oddity to some people lol

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