Acadia National Park

Tourists and Mainers alike flock to Acadia National Park to soak in the beauty and nature. According to, there are over 120 miles of trails to discover. One of them being Dorr Mountain Cannon Brook Loop Trail.

Dorr Mountain Cannon Brook Loop Trail

According to AllTrails, a handy app and website for hikers of all skill levels, Dorr Mountain Cannon Brook Loop Trail is one of the busier and more difficult trails. The loop is 3.2 miles in total and you'll reach an elevation gain of 1,151 feet.

One handy feature of the AllTrails app is the reviews so adventurers can gain a better understanding of what to expect. That's exactly what Nate Silver, a well-known author, and statistician, found when researching a hike of his own during his trip to Acadia. He found that one user, Stephen Studer, had an experience that may make you think twice before choosing this trail.

"Boy, That Escalated Quickly."

The iconic line from Will Ferrell's character, Ron Burgundy, in the movie Anchorman perfectly describes Studer's experience;

Beautiful trail. We enjoyed so much that our family went back a second time. Please be careful on the upper side of cannon brook as it is steep and very slippery. Our 6 year old slipped on the path and was swept down into a 15-ft deep canyon. Search and Rescue was amazing and airlifted him to Bangor, where he is on the road to recovery.

While we're happy to hear the little guy is going to be okay, we can't help but wonder if, sans canyon, the trail would have gotten that perfect 5/5 star rating. All in all, 4/5 still seems generous all things considered.

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