Cori: Usually, I'm a huge fan of fall. I love the smells, the crisp air, the beauty of the changing leaves, the yummy food and warm beverages, and also the cozy clothes. It's second in my book only to the Christmas Season (notice I didn't say winter...because I think most of us can agree that winter in Maine can tend to drag on a bit.) I do dig fall--but with 2020 being the rotten roulette wheel it's been so far, I am anxious to see will come of this much anticipated season.  I don't even want to know how fall can be fouled...but I am sure we'll find out. So I'd say I'm cautiously waiting to see what will happen...

JStew: Fall is generally my favorite time of year because it's my birthday. The little present I like to give myself every year is to tell no one it's my birthday. It's quite liberating... but anyway... I enjoy the changing leaves and finally being able to fire up the wood stove without feeling judged by Mother Nature. And it gets us closer to my absolute favorite holiday... Thanksgiving! Presents are such a hassle. I just like people around a table sharing good times.

We asked you what it is that you're most looking forward to in September...or are you dreading the month to come. Here's what you had to say:

 Dennis Bean Just one step closer
Image may contain: sky, snow, tree, house, outdoor and nature
Nancy Neu Nov wreathing season
Wendy Clewley Wearing sweaters & boots
Nancy Gildred A beautiful long Fall.
Joe Holton The summer season is way too short I much prefer to be able to go outside wearing  shorts and a  T-Shirt. I hate gloves and multiple layers of clothes and boots YUCK 
Sandra McAllian Hanscom Cooler temperatures falls my favorite time of year
Cliff Webb Apples
Autumn Parent Our Disney trip on the 13th ❤
Jen Megquier Cooler temps, Apple cider
Becky Sutherland Um, my birthday of course
Carrie Mitchell Going to Treworgy Family Orchards !!
Mary Klein Drouin Cooler weather! Pumpkin everything!! Baking!
Sandra Lyn My favorite time of year is autumn! Gorgeous!!
Greg Miller Looking forward to June and warm weather already.
Jennifer Roy Apple picking with my kids and grand kids I love fall but hate winter
Roxane Esposito Fresh apples and apple pie!
Megan Bridges Fall weather is perfect for hiking!
James Naaykens Jr November lol
Allen Esposito Foooooooootbaaaallllllll
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