Folks in the greater Bangor area got quite the sight as a massive plane took to circling the skies about the city for the better part of the late morning Tuesday.

While some people made jokes that perhaps Taylor Swift was back in town, or maybe it was a puck that left the Alfond Arena, there were several residents left wondering why this big plane was in the area.

Big Plane Feature, Tim Villnave
Courtesy Tim Villnave

In what many described as a circular pattern, those lucky enough to get outside to get some photos of the plane all noticed one particular thing that struck them as interesting: the markings of the plane, along with what was written along the side of the blue and white aircraft (United States Of America) had people wondering if this was Air Force One.

Big Plane 3, Amanda Spencer
Courtesy Amanda Spencer

Amanda Spencer was at a home on Palm Street in Bangor when she first heard the noise of the plane's loud engine.

"I heard it go by several times and then finally when I looked out I figured I should take a picture and zoom in on it."

And when she did, Spencer captured these images.

Big Plane 2, Amanda Spencer
Courtesy Amanda Spencer

We reached out to the folks at the Bangor International Airport to see if they could shed some light on what type of plane it might be, and they said they could not comment on aircraft operations.

"Privacy for all of our customers is something we treat with utmost respect and seriousness."

Big Plane 7, Karen Childs
Courtesy Karen Childs

There was some speculation that perhaps it was a plane operated by the Department of Justice, working on some maneuvers. And it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, as Bangor International Airport, formerly known as the Dow Army Airfield, does boast a very long runway that's been used for these types of things before, according to the Bangor International Airport's website:

"In 1958 the longest runway east of the Mississippi was constructed at Dow in order to accommodate B-52 bombers; the same runway that accommodates jet passenger aircraft today. In addition to strategic bombers, Dow was home to the 101st Fighter Wing, which, converted to a refueling wing, still shares space with the airport today, flying predominantly Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers. Some of the other military aircraft that regularly use the airport are McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extenders and Boeing C-17 Globemasters."

Courtesy Amanda Spencer
Courtesy Amanda Spencer

As to whether or not it was Air Force One, many were quick to point out that even if it had been, there were likely no higher-up government officials on board as there were no planes escorting it, and the President had just done a press conference from a location out of state earlier this morning. I guess it all remains to be seen.

Of course, the plane technically is only called Air Force One when the president is on board.

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Regardless, it made for an interesting morning/afternoon here in Bangor.

Did you get some good shots of the plane? Feel free to share them over at our app or Facebook Page.

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