Let's be honest, swearing, although frowned upon by most, feels really good sometimes.


For many of us, spouting off at the mouth helps relieve a little stress when we're frustrated.

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But there are some instances where that's just not the most appropriate thing to do, like when there are kids around.

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And for many parents in Maine, with summer vacation starting in just about 2 weeks, the kids will be around way more often.

The funny thing about kids being around way more often is that this can lead to parents needing to express themselves with wat more exclamation than usual.


To help you model discretion in front of the tiny parrots you helped create, rather than spout off spice for all the neighborhood to hear, we've compiled a list of some popular "alternative" swear words. This way, if your lovely littles decide to repeat any of these examples, neither of you will get into trouble!


Feel free to use these in those instances when your children seem to be right underfoot. We hope they'll help relieve some of that pent-up P.O. that you feel.

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