Sebago Lake is so incredibly clear that the experience of skating on it appears to be other worldly.

Posted by Facebooker Eric McNett the views to the bottom of Sebago in Standish are amazing.  He cites his beginning location as the Raymond Beach boat ramp on Route 302.  And at one point he says the lake below him is over 10 feet deep. Apparently part of the fun of skating this perfect piece of glass is watching the fish scurry about under your feet. This is amazing since that current data from Maine Lakes Data says the average thickness of the ice in Sebago is 10 inched thick. According to the Ice Fishing graph that is enough to hold up a car.

Not for nothing but I think I'd feel a little unnerved knowing how deep and cold the water is, but that is me. Of course the rub for anyone looking for the experience now is that the impending storm could lay all this beauty and wonder under a blanket of snow so you'd better get a move on or settle for enjoying the video.

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