I am not brave. Not even a little.

I admit I watch a lot of Discovery Channel. I'm a sucker for all their various takes on the timeless TV genre, competitive reality television. I used to love those Biker Buildoff shows. And reality shows in general had their hooks into me for several years, like a lot of people. I always love watching people do things I couldn't or certainly wouldn't dare to do.

Discovery has a particularly odd concept for a show called Naked & Afraid. Contestants survive out in some pretty wild country for weeks at a stretch, for what amounts to a fairly paltry sum of money, 100% totally naked. Maybe the occasional well-placed bag that helps hide their cash and prizes, so to speak.

Mainers are no stranger to the show.

We've told you before about other Mainers that have appeared on the Discovery favorite. But this Sunday, Charlene “Cheeny” Plante, will make her debut on the show. Her episode features a trip to South Africa and all the harrowing adventures that go along with spending days and days naked in the South African backcountry.

Plante was born and raised down in Sanford, and a producer from Naked & Afraid contacted her after checking out her social media posts, according to News Center Maine. Her episode airs Sunday, April 10th at 8:00 pm on Discovery Channel. Scope the full interview below.

She can't share a lot of details because the show hasn't aired yet, and TV networks keep a tight lockdown on that sort of thing. I had a friend on Chopped once, and several months passed before he could tell the world he actually won. He kept it secret for fear of lawyers, hahaha.

But as Mainers, we should all tune in and watch a fellow Mainer make us proud, doing all the things most of us are just too chicken to do.


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