Ryan Holt, AKA Yukon, has become a bit of a celebrity in the reality show realm when it comes to his incredible survival skills.

The Maine native first appeared on the Discovery Channel's survivalist program 'Naked and Afraid' in 2015. After several appearances in recent years on the show, and in it's spin off series Naked and Afraid XL, he's back again with 11 other 'all-star' survivalists to take on the swampy lands of Louisiana in 'Naked and Afraid XL' Season 7.

Discovery Channel has announced that Holt and other XL participants will be a part of the lengthiest season yet, where participants will need to survive 60 days in the Southern wilderness.

We've seen Holt in other seasons of the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid shows including:

  • Naked and Afraid Alligator Alley
  • Naked and Afraid of Sharks
  • Naked and Afraid Alone
  • Naked and Afraid XL in South Africa

Holt's past in the Marine's and education in survival skills has proven time and time again that he is a master in the wilderness but the season we'll learn if he earns the title of 'Legend'.

Here's Holt in Naked and Afraid XL South Africa running around naked and maybe a bit afraid of some berries that he ate.

Here's Holt on his YouTube channel in the wilds of Maine surviving lakeside in the middle of winter.

Holt has a Maine business in Roxbury, Maine called the Human-Nature Hostel and Wilderness Guide Service that offers wilderness guide services by Ryan as well as wilderness retreats on his 42-acre property and geodesic dome with 'excellent wifi'.

Here's to fellow Mainer, Ryan Holt, as we get to watch him take on Louisiana with some hometown woods smarts to take on the title of 'Legend'.

The first episode of the season will air April 25th at 8 PM on the Discovery Channel.

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