The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judges just ruled that it is. They liken it to having an unlawful GPS attached to you car without a warrant.

This ruling sets a new precedent against the practice in Michigan, Ohio,Tennessee and Kentucky.  This was an overturn of an earlier judgement which labeled the practice as "unorthodox" but allowable. WMTW reported them as also saying another reason they found against the practice of marking tires was because it was about about revenue and not public safety.


So let's bring this into Bangor thinking. I worked downtown for many years and I can tell you two things.  One, parking is a premium and two, tickets, chalk marks and moving your car every two hours is a pain in the butt. That said, as a business downtown you really don't want visitors camping out in front of your store all day either. The next option I suppose is going back to parking meters but you'd still be ticketed if it ran out and I imagine they are expensive to install.

So what do you think? Should Maine consider prohibiting the marking of tires for parking enforcement?

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