No, this isn't spam. No, it's not a joke. There's an actual "unclaimed property" database that most states, including Maine, maintain... and your name might be on there!

The office of the Maine State Treasurer keeps a list of property, mostly cash, that people haven't claimed over the years. How does this happen? Maybe you closed a bank account years and years ago and there was some money left in there. Maybe there was a refund you were entitled to that you forgot about.

Unclaimed property includes checking accounts, certificates of deposit, over payments, gift certificates, paid-up life insurance policies, unpaid wages, commissions, uncashed checks, death benefits, dividends, insurance payments, money orders, refunds, savings accounts, stocks and contents of safe deposit boxes. Unclaimed Property does not include real estate, animals or vehicles."

Are you on the list? It's free and easy to check. Check the State of Maine Unclaimed Property database here and find out.

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