Local forecasters are calling for temperatures to hover between the high 80's to mid 90's for the next few days and with the heat index, the air will feel even warmer than that. If you don't have the luxury of air conditioning, those temps can be almost unbearable.

For folks in Kennebec County, though, there may be a solution.

If you're in the Augusta area, and looking for some relief from this week's hot temps, there's now a place to go, to cool off.

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City officials there have opened a Cooling Center at the Augusta Civic Center for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The Maine Emergency Management Center says:

"A Cooling Center is a facility that has been opened for short term operations due to a specific emergency or event. They are normally opened when hot temperatures may become dangerous. "

According to the City of Augusta Police Department:

"In response to the extreme heat, the City of Augusta will open several of its conference rooms at the Augusta Civic Center to help 'beat the heat.' Civic Center Staff will be on site to help direct people to the following rooms: Androscoggin/Aroostook/Cumberland. For more information, please contact the Augusta Civic Center, # 207-626-2405."

They'll be opening up specific areas of the Center so the public can come and cool down for a bit. The Cooling Centers will be open from 8AM to 5PM both today and Wednesday.

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