Back in November, right before Thanksgiving, Maine Academy of Modern Music virtually hosted their annual Chords For Kids fundraising campaign. Last year, it was hosted at Aura in Portland, and featured over 20 bands performing for well over 500 people. This year, it was at least as many bands performing for 5 people.

That's right, MAMM still hunkered down at Aura in Portland, had all the lights going, the sound system was thumping, and the place was empty. Except for a few parents and staff. Sure, it was different than last year in every way, but that wasn't the point at all. Obviously, the point was to raise money, but there was a bigger one than that.

That's what hit me this morning. Full disclosure, I am the instructor for these amazing students from the Bangor area, and go to local schools like John Bapst, Nokomis, Cohen School, and Hermon High and Junior High. But what hit me is.... we did a rock show. A real live rock show. In 2020. Not a lot of other people get to say that.

Now, as you can see in the video, safety was of the utmost concern at this event. Kids had to fill out a health survey, have their temps taken on the way in, social distancing was maintained, and everyone wore masks the whole time. You'll even notice that there's a mask on the saxophone!

And the joy that you can tell it brings these kids to be able to get up on a stage and play is amazing. But I'm never really sure who's more overjoyed. Them, or myself. I have no kids, so the button bursting pride I end up feeling is almost hard to handle, hahaha. Really... I don't know how parents do it. Do you just get used to being super proud of your kids all the time?!

At any rate, I present to you, two of the Bangor area's finest/funnest student rock musicians. Symbol for A Theory and Melted Monkey Butter. Where they come up with these names sometimes..... hahaha!

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