The last few summers and on Saturday mornings, I've been an instructor with the Bangor ROCKS! program, which is our local affiliate of the Maine Academy of Modern Music. MAMM is a non-profit that gathers kids of all ages into bands, and shows them the ropes of being a musician. The kids pick their own songs, and pretty much call all the shots.

From the time they arrive, until the time they're picked up, they are pretty much rocking out the entire time. Bands will learn as many songs as they want over the course of a week, and there's a concert at the end for family and friends to check out what they've done. It's been a huge blast for me the last few summers.

Obviously, right now when folks hear the words 'summer camps', it conjures up all sorts of feelings. Typically, you think of large crowds of kids all playing and being kids. But current events have put a lot of programs like that in jeopardy, or will at least it will cause some big changes for any kind of 'camp' program.

One of MAMM's advantages right out of the gate, is class size. Usually, the groups are only 4-6 kids, so there's ample opportunity to provide proper physical distancing, and MAMM has created a safety council, to weigh all federal, state, and local guidelines for safety. You can look at those measures here.

Speaking for myself, music is one of the most healing things in the world. And even if kids aren't showing it on the outside, they're looking for something that feels normal, and most of all, fun. And, you've all been cooped up together for weeks. Everyone is looking for a reason to get out of the house for a little while.

There are two camps for Bangor area kids this summer, July 14th - 18th, and August 10th - 14th. If your son or daughter is a budding rock star, you can register here, and check out the whole organization while you're there. You'll see.... kids rock!

Check out 'Symbol for a Theory' here. They are one of the Bangor ROCKS! bands, performing 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' by Metallica at Aura in Portland last fall. Thanks to Jeri Blethen for the video!

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