Thanks to the generosity of C&L Aviation, Target and the Bangor Police Department, 14 students from the Bangor School System will get to "Shop with a Cop" this holiday season.

The students, which range in age from Pre-K on up to Seniors in High School, were notified that they'd been chosen last week. According to Sgt. Wade Betters of the Bangor Police Department, the kids were given goodie baskets complete with "Golden Tickets" to participate.

Sgt. Wade Betters, Bangor Police Department
Sgt. Wade Betters, Bangor Police Department

"We pair up with some local children and families that are really in need, and we literally take them to Target and we shop with them."

Well, today is the lucky day that the kids will team up with their Cops and shop at Target in Bangor.

"Officers will partner with these children, along with a C&L employee...they will enjoy the opportunity to shop for themselves and/or friends/family. C&L is graciously covering the tab. We will shop together-collect the gifts, wrap them the following day, then deliver them on or about Dec 24th. "

Betters says that as much as the kids and their families get out of this program, the Police Officers also benefit from it.

"Policework is not an easy field...For a night like this to happen for the officers who are here and lucky enough to participate, it's a nice break from the norm."

2020 has been a year of great financial hardship for a good number of Maine families. This will, no doubt, be a bright spot for these kids and their parents and siblings; a good memory to add to a year of not-so-great ones.

This is a look at how the program has worked in years past.

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