Another page in the history of the Bangor Mall is about to be turned.  

A group called Ten-x has listed the property with a starting bid of 6.5 million. According to the BDN on February 25th the 531,032 square feet of rentable space auction will go live at noon.

As of January 2nd previous owner Simon Property was foreclosed upon and the deed transferred to MSCI 2007-IQ16 Stillwater Avenue LLC.

Although from what we read the power that be think the mall should stay a mall. That said that many square feet fuels the imagination as to what other options exist or could be created.

The Business Insider looked into this US dilemma and proposed things like:

  • Universities
  • Community Gathering
  • Event Spaces
  • Medical Centers
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Apartments
  • Indoor Farms
  • Parks with indoor green spaces

It seems wise to us however given the current gravitational pull of online shopping that malls that survive and thrive will need to reinvent and broaden their appeal.

Looks like those questions will be answered in February.

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