I saw a post today called "Plows Will Be Out Don't Be A Moron"  The guy who wrote the story was a plow driver before his career in radio and he seemed quite passionate about drivers giving plows a little extra room. This drew me back to this post I did last year with the same theme less the insults. Given the proposed weather system coming our way I guess it bears repeating.

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You'd think that most Mainers by now would know all the ins and outs about driving in bad weather. And then that guy flies by you when you can hardly see two feet in front of your car...so they probably aren't wrong to bring it up again.

Simple things really like,

  • If you can't see his mirrors he can't see you.
  • Don't crowd the plow
  • Heed the arrows on the back that advise you which way to go
  • Stay away from the blade of the plow

Commonsense and yet I bet you know at least a few people you should share this video with.  Think a minute...yeah I thought so.

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