There are many unofficial signs that Spring has arrived in Maine; the running of the Kenguskeag Stream Canoe and Kayak Race, the opening of the Orono Bog Walk, and brown lawns everywhere.


Another sign within the City of Bangor is that the Winter Parking Bans are lifted for the season. And while many found the April Fools Day announcement of the timing this year might to be a bit ironic, if not downright suspect (as the forecast is calling for an early April Nor'easter) it is, indeed, true.

According to the City Officials, the City-wide overnight parking ban has been lifted!

Thomas Etzkorn/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley
Thomas Etzkorn/Townsquare Media Hudson Valley

"Vehicle parking is now regulated by normal parking rules and odd/even parking rules no longer apply during the day."

According to the City's website:

"This overnight parking ban normally starts in November – when the Public Works director announces the first ban on overnight parking – and concludes March 31. Vehicles that are left overnight on the street can be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense."

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The ban is put in place to make clean-up of winter storms a little easier for crews. The bans prohibit parking along the streets from midnight to 6 AM during months when storms are most likely to occur.

Daniel Deitschel

But even now with the ban officially lifted, City Officials still have the power to call an audible, if you will, and can reinstate bans in certain situations, like the upcoming mid-week storm.

Local Meteorologists are predicting that we'll see significant snowfall (8-10" in our area) and high winds, which could make clean-up efforts in the City tricky. It's likely City Officials will prohibit folks from parking on the road during the storm.


"In light of Wednesday's potential storm, keep in mind ordinance 291-42 still allows the City to issue a snow clearing order to limit street parking, when necessary. If you or someone you know relies on street parking, stay updated with parking and traffic alerts from the City of Bangor."

Those who want to stay in the know about when it comes to such things can sign up for alerts through the City by going to

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