The "Shop with a Cop" program has been going on in the Bangor area for many years.

In a nutshell, folks who are in need, from the community, usually kids, get paired up with a local law enforcement representative (a cop) to build a positive memory and create some holiday cheer in a situation where there may not have otherwise been any.

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This year, once again, thanks to the generosity of C&L Aviation, Target, and the Bangor Police Department, several families will experience the "Shop with a Cop" program this week.

YouTube: C&L Aviation Group
YouTube: C&L Aviation Group

According to Sergeant Jason McAmbley, Public Information Officer for the Bangor Police Department:


Pile of Christmas presents, shot over white background


"Through a generous donation from C&L Aviation Group, Bangor Police officers and C&L Aviation employees will be matched up with five deserving families from Bangor to take them on their own personal holiday shopping spree. The donation from C&L Aviation is to supplement the holiday budget for these families, with the hopes to make their celebrations a little bit brighter.

Once the gifts are selected and paid for, they’ll be brought back to the Bangor Police Department to be expertly wrapped and then delivered back to the families."

Today is the lucky day! Families will team up with their Cops and shop at Target in Bangor around 6 PM this evening.

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Ryan McVay

This will, no doubt, be a bright spot for these kids and their parents and siblings; a good memory to add to a year of not-so-great ones.

This is a look at how the program has worked in years past.

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