Summer is a wonderful time. Everyone is busy and running around having fun. But in our hurry to have fun let's not forget to be precautions too.

Point in fact Bangor officers arrested two men on Sunday 7/23 on Buck Street in Bangor going through a woman's vehicle.  During the arrest the officers also found items in their possession from other locations near by.

I have lived in Bangor  for many years now and I don't know what it is about summer that seems to stir up these kind of actions in people but it always does. Drugs, warm nights to roam and people letting their guard down because it's summer.

In a press release officer Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police Department encourages all of us to be more careful saying,

Officers of the Bangor Police Department urge everyone to lock the doors of vehicles and residences. Do not keep items of value in your cars, and call us immediately if suspicious activity is afoot. 947-7384 ext. 5705

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