I've cooked a lot of food, and eaten a lot of things.

As a kitchen rat for a couple decades before retiring into radio, I was fortunate to work for some really cool chefs, and try some really whacked out foods. Veal brains, scrambled blood, sweet breads... all sorts of fun/awful things. Some of those things were delicious, others were as gross as they sound.

But when it comes to a universal food like pizza, I've tried it all. I love it homemade, I love it from the pizza place... I even have a soft spot for gas station pizza. I have my favorite spots, and my favorite toppings and all that, but every once in a while I see something that makes me wanna call complete bullcrap. For instance...

Never have I ever, heard of 'Bangor style' pizza. Have you?

So the Mythical Kitchen Facebook page posted a video called "Maine Pizza". Then the guy goes onto describe it as "Bangor Style". It's a thin crust (screw that), with American cheese, yogurt, lobster, shredded cheese, and then baked. When it's done, you're supposed to drizzle maple syrup and peanuts on it.

Like, what?! Who the hell is this guy and who does he think he is? First off, he says our sister city is St. Louis. Nothing to support that theory online. Then he says the best American cheese in the country comes from Orono. Nothing online to support this cockemamey claim either. I can't find anyone who makes cheese in Orono. Watch it yourself...

I'd have to say homeboy is straight-up on drugs. Or this is a joke. Or this guy used A.I. to come up with what Mainers like. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't try it... But yogurt, lobster, and maple syrup should probably never go on a pizza together. I even double checked the date to see if it was an April Fool's joke. But nope.

This guy thinks this is what we actually like on a pizza?! If anyone needs me, I'll be over here shaking my damn head in utter disbelief.

All of these things will cost you less than a Yogurt Lobster Peanut Pizza...

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